equestrian centerEquestrian Center is situated on the protected plateau of Altenmarkt-Zauchensee and offers a splendid background to enjoy riding to the full. The south-facing slopes and the magnificent mountain panorama invite visitors to long rides. They can ride from one farmstead to the next on a 200-kilometer roadnetwork and discover to their hearts' content the Dachstein Tauern Region.

An altitude of 800 meters as well as especially created sleigh roads enable visitors to go on unique rides in snow-covered winter landscapes, which turn into an adventure for riders and horses. Due to the exceptional touristic infrastructure and the fantastic location riding is possible throughout the year.

In our equestrian center you can enjoy your vacation and relax. Since it is far away from roads, you can recover from busy city life. Our equestrian center has a familiar atmosphere, a stark contrast to city life.

altenmarktWe attach great importance to maintaining certain rural or agrarian traditions, since during the past few decades in the interrelation between guests and host we have been repeatedly told by our regular guests how much they enjoy this familiar rural structure.

A large number of small animals is also part of life on our farm: e.g. sheep, goats, dogs, cats, rabbits, and ducks - all these animals allow the children to continually discover something new, to train the handling of animals and to experience nature very realistically.

huculBeginners' courses for children and grown-ups are held every week. In addition, we offer training and jumping lessons in the dressage square or on courses. One of the preferred offers is the vacation for riders and horses. You may take your horse with you. Guestboxes including expert treatment of the horses, daily pasture and lessons free of charge will be at your disposal. Daily rides in the countryside under the expert guidance of trained travel-ride guides are part of the highlights of any vacation. Be guided across romantic paths through sleepy century-old farmsteads, where time seems to have stopped, and be enchanted by the unique alpine scenery.

For 20 years horses of all breeds have been successfully bred at Equestrian Center in Altenmarkt. The emphasis in breeding is on Haflinger, Noric, Hucul and Friesian horses. The list of prize-winning breeding horses would be too long for this page. If you have any questions concerning this matter, please do not hesitate to contact us. The extensive expert knowledge as well as the large number of horses on the farm enable us to offer permanently prize-winning foals as well as mares for sale. Often it is very difficult for us to sell one of the horses of which we have become especially fond, in this respect we would like to note that we attach great importance to a confidential relationship between horse lover and breeder.

As concerns horse breeding we are permanently on the road in all of Europe searching for unique horses. We are passionately engaged in breeding horses. It is our premier goal to maintain certain breeds and to give horse lovers an understanding of them.

Do not hesitate to contact us at any time, in case you have any further questions. Please visit the website of the town of Altenmarkt-Zauchensee in order to obtain further information on the region and to find the right accomodation. We have tried to keep questions as concerns the location, journey and infrastructure relatively short, since you can certainly obtain more professional information from the homepages mentioned.

goralWe would like to welcome you in the Equestrian Center, either for vacation or to discover riding. You can also purchase a magnificent leisure-time, family or breeding horse. We are fully and entirely dedicated to riding and horses and would be delighted to give you an understanding of this dedication.